Updated April 9, 2013

My resume is available in the formats listed at the bottom of this page.

You might also like to view my LinkedIn profile, which contains several references.

You can find some samples of my code on Github and drupal.org. You can also see how I score against other developers by checking out my Coder Wall.

I get asked a lot about sites that I have worked on. I really need to create a great and fancy slideshow of some of these sites, but the cobbler's children go barefoot. Here are some sites I have worked on in my "spare" time in the last few years:

Workplace Training Network
I implemented a smallish .Net application for this client in C#. The application is a bilingual "test" which clients take after completing sexual harassment training. I later migrated from a "Resource DLL" implementation (which required recompilation to add additional tests) to an XML based implementation with an administrative interface to allow the client to do more self-service. They used this application, without incident, for more than a decade before replacing it during a technology update.
Shooting Star Amusements
I performed a migration of this site from static, published HTML to WordPress. I created a new theme which matched the previous style, extracted the content from the existing pages, added some plugins to meet customer expectations and even wrote a very small plugin since I could not find one which performed the desired effect. When I finished the new site is nearly 100% like the old, except that now it was easily manageable via WordPress by the customer.

Most of these sites no longer show any of my work, but here is a listing nonetheless:

Initially I created a faceted search "gadget" for embedding on their Google Sites based site which pulled data via a Google AppEngine application which was pulling from a GoogleDocs spreadsheet.
I later reworked this by building a full ecommerce site for them using Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce. I keep most of the front end code, but converted it over to use the Backbone Services module from Drupal to fetch the data instead of the AppEngine implementation. Lot's of fun (and stress).
Redmond Group
Jointly with a designer I have worked with a few times I helped implement a new Drupal based site for this Las Vegas, NV based Realtor. This site uses custom CCK based content types. I implemented the entire site from a few sample pictures created with Photoshop, including administration, functionality and custom theming.
Wallace & Wallace Property Management
Developed jointly with the same designer as with the Redmond Group I helped implement a new Drupal based site for this Knoxville, TN based property management firm. This is a slightly more complex site which uses custom CCK based content types and facetted search. I created the site and implemented the functionality, but not the theme.
Kaisertown Coalition
I created this site for my local community organization while living in Buffalo, NY. This is a fairly vanilla Drupal implementation with a custom theme based on the Zen theme. I am currently maintaining this site as well as a Facebook fan page in order to attempt to boost online visibility.
When I worked on this site it was on online car store with inventory information harvested from Hampton Roads, Virginia car dealerships. You could search both new and used cars and then contact the dealership. The current site, although it sports a similar logo, seems to have become more of a information site devoted to purchasing cars.
Once a site for information on Christmas traditions worldwide. Among some other bits I developed a online coloring book Java Applet which was loaded with various holiday artwork and had basic "painting" capabilities.
A web host. I wrote the initial version of the online administration tools, including sign-up and such.
Long before mash-ups were called mash-ups I was making it easier for users of WorldWeb's Expressroom content management system to embed live content from other sites in their pages.
and many more

I also worked on some great software which was used on many websites:

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud
Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is a cloud-based content hub to drive omni-channel content management and accelerate experience delivery.
Interchange is an open source ecommerce system and application server/component application, written in the Perl programming language. Interchange is one of the most powerful tools available to automate and database-enable your web site or build online applications.
A subscription marketing tool, with additional e-commerce functions, that manages online sub sales. The system gives marketers direct access to thousands of house ads and allows them to consistently test, upgrade and manage them on a daily basis in real time. Although Hearst Digital Media still uses the in-house version of this tool, the hosted version that I worked on is no longer around due to market conditions.

In addition I spent 7 years doing Windows development on this product:

The Syntellect CT Application Development Environment (Syntellect CT ADE™) is one of the most widely used IVR development tools in the world. Designed to accelerate the development of voice and video communication solutions, Syntellect CT ADE is a rapid application development (RAD) toolkit that provides a set of program building blocks that are easier to use - and faster to learn - than traditional APIs. But, you won't sacrifice power, flexibility or control because Syntellect CT ADE offers complete access to Dialogic telephony hardware/software interfaces and control of speech products. Plus, as one of the world's most scalable and cost-effective platforms, Syntellect CT ADE can reduce your solution cost by 60% or more vs. traditional IVR platforms.